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Special Effects Supervisor


Special Effects Supervisors create and supervise the construction and operation of Special Effects for productions, within technical limitations and budget. They will work closely with the Director and Production Designer to breakdown the script and design the required Special Effects and budget these accordingly.  They will provide drawings, visualisations and storyboards as necessary in order to advise on the most suitable Special Effects to be used.  They will set up the Special Effects workshop and are responsible for choosing and employing a suitable Special Effects team, directing, supervising and recording activities as required.  It is also their responsibility to discuss health and safety requirements with the relevant departments, and to ensure that all applicable health and safety regulations are applied.  Depending on the scale of the production, they may also be required to operate machines, equipment and effects as necessary, particularly when working in television.


Health and Safety awareness is paramount, as is lateral thinking and the ability to make things work in a safe and controlled way.  Good presentation skills and a vivid imagination are essential.  Must have a good working knowledge of camera angles, lenses, along with a thorough knowledge of the different types of special effects available.  Specialist knowledge may also be required if working in a particular chosen area.  Excellent communication skills and the ability to give and accept direction are essential.  Budgeting and organisational skills are also important.


Responsibilities of the Supervisor


  • To breakdown scripts as per the effects required and to discuss those effects with the Producer/Director and Production Designer.
  • To budget the effects accordingly.
  • To set up the Special Effects Workshop.
  • To employ a comprehensive and suitable Effects team.
  • To delegate and oversee the preparation, construction and execution of the effects required.
  • Discuss and recommend the safety requirements on and off set with the necessary departments i.e. Fire, Production, Art and Construction departments and when necessary the Company Insurers.
  • To liase with other department Heads when specific props or costumes are required.
  • To ensure that when he/she is not available on set that a qualified Senior Technician is always in attendance.
  • To have a comprehensive knowledge of camera angles, lenses and Visual Effects when discussing and setting up Effects shots with the Director, the Director of Photography and the Stunt Co-ordinator so as to enable him/her to give a suitable alternative when the question of Artist and Crew safety is involved.
  • To ensure that all applicable HSE (Health & Safety Executive), COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations and other legal requirements are applied and met.
  • To sign and qualify the work records of those Trainees, Technicians and Senior Technicians under his/her supervision.



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