Special Effects Technician


It is the responsibility of the Special Effects Technician to produce rigs and effects in line with Supervisors specification and production requirements. Their work will be overseen by the Supervisor and Senior Technicians, the Technician will be responsible for the preparation, construction and in many cases the execution of the various effects, in accordance with technical specifications and health and safety regulations. They will keep the Supervisor and Senior Technician informed regarding progress and problems, and will take the necessary action required to solve problems quickly and efficiently where possible. They will carry out on-site maintenance, ensuring all machinery, equipment and effects are kept in good working order, and can be operated safely. Technicians also need to maintain a logbook recording the work undertaken and techniques used. This is then used as documented proof of experience when seeking promotion to Senior Technician.

Health and Safety awareness is paramount, as is lateral thinking and the ability to make things work in a safe and controlled way. Communication and presentation skills are essential, along with the ability to give and accept direction as required. Must be familiar with Special Effects equipment and materials, including their safe operation and use.

Please submit your CV along with a covering letter to our recruitment manager (carmela@realsfx.com) for review. If your background and experience fit with the requirements of the positions offered, you will be contacted for interview when a position becomes available.

Responsibilities of the Technician

  • To assist the Senior Technician and Supervisor in the preparation, construction and execution of required effects.
  • To continue to familiarise themselves with effects equipment, materials and devices.
  • To help and advise Trainees as and when possible.
  • To make themselves aware of all safety aspects involved in Special Effects and any HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations and other legal requirements that are applicable.
  • To follow fully the instructions of the Supervisor or Senior Technician in charge.
  • To ensure that when handling, operating or initiating materials or equipment involved in Pyrotechnic and Fire effects that a Pyrotechnic Senior Technician or Pyrotechnic Supervisor is always in attendance.
  • To ensure that all safety aspects involved in the work are adhered to by him/herself and any Trainees.
  • To continue to keep a comprehensive record of their work experience and to get it signed of by the Supervisor/Senior Technician, as required.