From fog to snow, mist or heavy rain, Real SFX can re-create any atmospheric effect on cue to suit the nature of any scene.

Our experienced technicians can deliver rain, wind, smoke, steam  and snow/winter effects to replicate real weather conditions any day of the year. Using our extensive range of equipment built specifically for the productions needs, we are able to accommodate any request adding the texture to your on-screen experience.

Atmospheric Equipment


The first imported dyna fog machine in Wales
Faster coverage saves man hours and crew on set. Enables you to fog three times faster than conventional vehicle mounted foggers. Covers 12 acres a minute.



One of a kind wind machine
This machine was originally designed for putting out fires and was in use with the Fire Service until it came to Real SFX. Real SFX have adapted it for film making purposes. It is a highly versatile wind machine that is able to create, in addition to wind, mist and snow. It can also be used for extraction in large areas. It is able to pivot 360 degrees from its standing position electronically, and can be raised up to an impressive height of 4 metres.



Continuous rolling steam
This machine boils water to such a temperature that it creates high pressure steam, which is then delivered via hosing to any set. This creates a continuous rolling source of steam which would make any set look like it’s alive.



Overhead rain rigs to suit your requirements
This system is totally versatile that can go from a 20ft rectangle to a 20ft/20ft square. It covers a huge 365 degree footprint of rain and its ideal for when you need maximum coverage while shooting wide angle or tracking shots. We have a comprehensive range of different nozzles that can vary from standard light rain to monsoon.



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