"Whether you want to rock a boat or fly a plane Our 4 axis Gimbal can give that precise movement. This very rare piece of equipment can move large heavy objects up to 20 tonne to a maximum pitch of 15 degrees."

The Real SFX team took The Gimbal to Dublin in summer 2013 for a production called Moonfleet where it supported a pirate ship! The Gimbal is a hydraulic motion platform. It is the perfect choice for moving sets and operates flawlessly while being bombarded with water. The flat top platform is 30ft x 20ft and tips 15 degrees in all directions. Four cylinders provide motion control: up, down, pitch and roll axes and it’s powered by two axial piston pumps.

Controlled with a manual joystick system, it comes with a 25 hp hydraulic pump, hoses, joystick control, and outrigger I-beams for stability. The Hydraulic Power Unit is 100 HP at 460 VAC 3 Phase. There is a step up transformer to use with 208 VAC 3 Phase, this will use an entire 400 AMP circuit. Correctly assembled and utilised, the tilting platform is capable of safely supporting an imposed load of 23 tonnes.

Delivered on an articulated lorry trailer, a 12m Telehandler will be required to unload and position the equipment and disassemble at the end of the job. In an ideal situation the base takes 3 days to assemble and test once delivered to the stage. The location of the base, HPU, availability of electricity etc. will affect the setup time. Dimensions & CAD drawings are available on request. The Gimbal has been used on many projects such as James Bond, Moonfleet and most recently the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014. Take a look at the videos below to see The Gimbal in action.




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