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Cardiff Life Award Nomination 2017 // Enwebiad Cardiff Life 2017
Sunday, 05 February 2017

Real SFX are honoured to have been chosen as a finalist in the Creative category for the third year running in the 2017 Cardiff Life Awards. The Cardiff Life Awards are the business highlight of the city. They are the most prestigious, most tightly contested Awards with the greatest number of local companies involved. Winning a Cardiff Life Award is a powerful accolade.

The company will be battling it out in the Creative category with the other nine nominees Anne Morgan JewelleryBrightest FilmsCreoDesign Management PartnershipFirefly PressI Loves The 'DiffJessica Draws Media and Rockadove

Could Real SFX win this award for the third year running? We'll find out in Cardiff City Hall on 16th March 2017. We look forward to meeting all nominees on the evening and we wish everyone the best of luck!


Mae Real SFX yn hapus i gyhoeddi eu bod wedi cyrraedd y rownd derfynol yn y categori Creadigol yng Ngwobrau Cardiff Life 2017 am y drydydd flwyddyn yn olynol.

Bydd y cwmni yn brwydro yn y categori Creadigol gyda naw enwebir eraill: Anne Morgan JewelleryBrightest FilmsCreoDesign Management PartnershipFirefly PressI Loves The 'DiffJessica Draws Media a Rockadove.

Gallai Real SFX ennill y wobr hon am y drydedd flwyddyn yn olynol? Byddwn yn ffeindio allan yn Neuadd y Ddinas Caerdydd ar 16eg o Fawrth 2017. Rydym yn edrych ymlaen at gyfarfod pawb ar y noson ac yn dymuno pob lwc i bawb!

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