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Press Release BAFTA Win 2015
Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Press Release

30th April 2015




Cardiff based Special Effects Company Real SFX have once again won a British Academy Television Craft Award for their special and visual effects on the BBC’s Doctor Who episode “Deep Breath”.


The 2015 British Academy Television Craft Awards ceremony took place on Sunday 26th April, at The Brewery, City of London and was hosted by Stephen Mangan. The awards replicate the Television awards but celebrate the very best behind-the-scenes talent in British television of the past year.


Real SFX created the practical effects for the episode, and won the award with BBC Wales VFX, Millennium FX and Milk VFX. The effects for the episode provided by Real SFX included various pyrotechnics, gas lanterns and fires, wind, steam and smoke including use of CO2, drip rigs and wetdowns as well as a number of practical rigs to automatically move various parts of the set.

Danny Hargreaves, Real SFX Managing Director and founder said he was "incredibly proud to be part of the cultural phenomenon that is Doctor Who" and for the efforts and hard work of his team as well as being recognised for this for the second year running.

Last year was the first year that Physical Special Effects was included within the category so for Real SFX to replicate this win is testament to the importance of traditional techniques of creating effects as opposed to the increase in use of digital formats to produce effects. The Award was won last year for Doctor Who: 50th anniversary special episode: Day of the Doctor.

Last year Real SFX was the only Welsh winner at the BAFTA Craft Awards, however this year the whole production team on this episode were Welsh based. Danny commented: "Huge congratulations to all the winners."

"I am very proud of my team as well as all of the other BBC production members who contributed to the award winning episode. It’s great to see BAFTA recognising this category and the growth of the visual and special effects industry within Television and Film. We will definitely be aiming for the hat trick next year! Working with Stephen Moffat is such an honour and we are over the moon with having the opportunity to represent and carry-forward this incredible industry."


Over the past 12 months not only have Real SFX won two BAFTAs they have also been recognised for their incredible success with their Apprenticeship programme – for which they won Small Employer of the Year. In November 2014 they also picked up a BAFTA Cymru award for their work on Doctor Who; and most recently won a Cardiff Life Award for Most Creative Company in Cardiff. Carmela Carrubba, Director commented "The past 12 months have been incredible for us; we are a growing Welsh talent and working alongside some of the industry’s most talented people. For Real SFX to be part of this and nurture the industry is amazing.”



For Further information please contact:

Carmela Carrubba

07739 871765



Notes to Editors:
The team at Real SFX has been creating the physical special effects for Doctor Who since 2009. During this time, Doctor Who has grown to become one of television’s most popular series in the UK and around the world and the team at Real SFX have scooped a heap of award wins and nominations including two BAFTA Craft Awards, a BAFTA Cymru Award and an RTS nomination for their SFX work.


About Real SFX

Real SFX are an innovative, progressive company providing a full range of high quality special effects for the TV, Film and Event industry.

Founded in 2008 by Danny Hargreaves, Real SFX are renowned within the British TV and film industry, with Danny having worked on Dr Who for 8 years bringing expertise, passion and experience.

As part of the Dr Who 50th Anniversary commemorations Real SFX showcased at the EXCEL arena and Danny was invited to Buckingham Palace for recognition of his work on the programme.

Television highlights include Doctor Who, Sherlock, Casualty, Torchwood, Da Vinci’s Demons, Wizards Vs Aliens, Silent Witness, Line of Duty, Outlander, Moonfleet, Galavant, Cucumber and the Hollyoaks 18th  birthday special episode. Real SFX were nominated for a Royal Television award their work on the Coronation Street tram crash in 2011 and a Primetime Emmy Award for the BBC series Sherlock in 2010.

Film work has included Submarine, The Killer Elite, Mr Nice and Jimmy's Hall

They have offices and workshops in Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow, and have created effects on commercial adverts for Disney, Channel 4 and M&S.


2014/15 Awards & Achievements:

April 2014 – BAFTA Craft for Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

August 2014 - Danny was recognised as one of the top 30 under 35 stars to watch in Wales
October 2014 – BAFTA Cymru for Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special
October 2014 – Apprenticeship Award for Small Employer of the Year

December 2014 – RTS Nomination for Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

March 2015 – Cardiff Life Award for Most Creative Company in Cardiff

April 2015 – BAFTA Craft Award for Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 1



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